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    European standard Portable AC Charging Station

    European standard Portable AC Charging Station-412k6l

    Our European standard portable AC charging station offers a powerful up to 32A/7.4kW capacity and IP54 waterproof rating, ensuring reliable and efficient electric vehicle charging. Optional WIFI/Bluetooth connectivity and compatibility with the Tuya platform provide enhanced control and monitoring capabilities.

    Fully CE compliant, this charging station is a reliable solution for personal electric vehicle charging needs.

    • Input Voltage: 230VAC 50Hz
    • Output Rating: 10A/2.3kW, 16A/3.7kW, 32A/7.4kW,
    • Connectivity (Optional): WIFI / Bluetooth Connectivity, compatible with Tuya platform
    • Certification: CE Compliance

    product description

    Introducing our European standard portable AC charging station, designed to provide convenient and efficient charging of electric vehicles. The maximum power of this charging station is up to 32A/7.4kW, which can provide reliable power for your electric vehicle and ensure a fast and smooth charging process.

    The charging station has an IP54 waterproof rating to withstand all weather conditions and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance, giving users peace of mind in any environment.

    In addition to its impressive technical specifications, the charging station offers optional connectivity features including WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity. It is also compatible with the Tuya platform, enhancing control and monitoring capabilities.

    In addition, our European standard portable AC charging station fully complies with CE standards, ensuring safety and quality in its design and manufacturing.

    Whether used by individuals at home, in a hotel environment, in a parking lot or in a shared mobility operation, the charging station is a reliable solution for electric vehicle charging needs.

    Experience the convenience and efficiency of electric vehicle charging with our European standard portable AC charging stations.

    Parameter Information

    Electrical Parameter

    10A Max

    16A Max

    32A Max

    230 VAC 50 Hz

    2.3kW at 230 VAC

    3.7kW at 230 VAC

    7.4kW at 230 VAC

    Input Cord


    Output Cable & Connector 16.4 FT / 5m cable (26 FT / 8m optional)
     Type 2
    Smart Grid Connectivity (Optional) Built-in WIFI / Bluetooth Connectivity, compatible with Tuya platform
    Environmental Parameter

    Enclosure IP54

    EV Charger IP54

    Operating Temperature: -22°F to 122°F (-30°C to 50°C )

    Dimension Main enclosure: 9.7 in × 4.6 in × 2.6 in ( 247 mm × 118 mm × 66 mm)

    IEC 61851-1,IEC 61851-21-2 compliance


    Compliant with CE certification



    OTA Remote Firmware Updates

    Enclosure Rating: IP54


    Residential AreaEuropean standard Portable AC Charging Station4f8

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