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    Installing electric vehicle charging stations in the workplace is beneficial for attracting customers and Excellent employees. Let us recommend a good solution for you.

    Future buildings will be equipped with a corresponding number of electric vehicle charging stations, as this will meet the increasing demand of employees for charging electric vehicles in the workplace, which is an inevitable trend.Your customers also hope to be able to charge their electric vehicles when visiting your company, in order to solve the range anxiety caused by insufficient battery.


    PLUG.CONTROL Cloud Platform Assistance 

    PLUG.CONTROL, as an intelligent and efficient management platform, addresses the classification management of company employees and external customers according to their identities, allowing for the implementation of dedicated payment modes and charging standards for various identity types. This enables companies to easily manage their electric vehicle charging piles.

    We can offer various payment methods to manage the charging station users. For company employees, we can provide RFID cards for payment, allowing them to use the RFID card to pay for charging. Additionally, the company can set charging fee discounts for employees. External users can use the charging station by scanning a QR code or using a credit card for payment.

    Tech-Savvy Support5of

    Together, we’ll create an amazing future.Our customers are partners. We are committed to showing you how to operate a charging station in the workplace.

    Exclusive Patentsjhi

    We're deeply committed to providing the best quality.We are committed to providing high-quality electric vehicle charging infrastructure. We are constantly committed to enhancing our software, hardware, and services, all of which provide excellent experiences for our customers.

    Exclusive Patentsjhi

    Maximizing cost savings is a part of us and our way of working. The efficient operation of your power conversion system requires correct equipment configuration and continuous system maintenance. Our professional team provides you with worry free installation, easy management, and continuous support.

    NA Commercial AC EV Charger G2.5 with LCD display

    Input Voltage Single phase: 208-240VAC ~60Hz
    Output Rating 32A/7.6kW,40A/9.6kW,48A/11.5kW, 80A/19.2kW
    Certification ETL, FCC, Energy Star Listed
    LED display 4.3" LCD display
    Standards OCPP1.6J, ISO15118, CTEP compliance
    Enclosure Rating NEMA Enclosure Type4
    commercial-ac-up-to-48a-11 (1)ju1

    NA Dual Port 40-60kW DC EV Charger

    Input Voltage 480V+10% 50-60Hz
    Output Power 40kW, 50kW, 60kW
    Output Voltage 200-1000V
    LCD Display 7" screen
    Certification ETL, FCC, Energy Star compliance
    Standards OCPP1.6J, ISO15118, CTEP
    Residential AC EV Charger G1 (4)ud6

    Commercial Dual Port Socket EV AC Charging station for Europe

    Input Voltage Three phase :400VAC 50-60Hz
    Output Rating 2×16A Max/2×11kW
    Output Rating 2×32A Max/2×22kW
    Connectivitiy Ethernet(4G optional), WiFi and bluetooth
    Certification CE,UKCA,SAA Listed
    LCD Display 7” touch screen