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    Single Family Housing

    You just bought an electric car and the trickle charger provided by the dealer is too slow. Now you want to charge at a faster speed. You can go to a home improvement store to buy various electric car chargers, but you don't have the correct input power in your garage. What are you doing now?

    Topcharger Charging Solutions is here to offer you commercial grade charging speeds. We will arrange professional engineers to provide you with advice, ensuring that you can quickly charge your electric vehicle with a fast charger at home.

    Single Family Housing2idt

    Topcharger Charging Solutions offers an all-in-one EV charging experience for single family home owners. Our level 2 AC LCD home charger can charge any electric vehicle, and offers a sleek, compact and water proof construction for indoors or outside.The interface provided by the 4.3-inch LCD display screen makes human-computer interaction more friendly and convenient.Let Topcharger Charging Solutions handle your EV charging needs.

    Spend less time plugged in and more time on the road with Level 2 EV charging for Single Family Housing
    Charging Time - 100 Miles 15 HOURS 1.9 HOURS
    Electric and Power Specifications 120 Volt, 20 Amp circuit 1.92KW 240 Volt, 80 Amp circuit 19.2KW

    Do you have problems with insufficient power supply due to excessive electrical load at home? Don't worry, we have a great solution. We recommend using the DLB Box, which not only saves you from spending extra money on upgrading your home's power capacity, but also ensures that your household load does not overload.

    Zero investment on upgrading electrical capacity to fulfill EV charging needs, saving money and time.

    Fully utilize the ready electrical power of the house not in use.

    Manage and dynamically adjust the charging load for EV point in a smart and congruous way.

    Complete Solutionhiz

    Charge Any Ev

    Tech-Savvy Support5of

    Sleek and Compact

    Exclusive Patentsjhi

    Water Proof

    Exclusive Patentsjhi

    Rebates and Incentives


    The home dynamic load balancing control box developed by our company intelligently controls the charging current of home charging piles. Without the need for power capacity upgrades, it ensures that households will not experience circuit tripping due to overload. It effectively utilizes the surplus electrical energy to meet the charging needs of electric vehicles, ensuring safe and efficient electricity usage.

    We recommend the following charging station for parking area:

    NA Home AC EV Charger G2.5 with LCD display

    Input Voltage Single phase: 208-240VAC ~60Hz
    Output Rating 32A/7.6kW, 40A/9.6kW, 48A/11.5kW, 80A/19.2kW
    Certification ETL, FCC, Energy Star Listed
    LED display 4.3" LCD display
    Standards ISO15118 compliance

    Commercial AC ( UP TO 48A, 11.5KW ) EV Charger G1

    Input Voltage Single phase: 208-240VAC ~60Hz
    Output Rating 32A/7.6kW, 40A/9.6kW, 48A/11.5kW
    Certification ETL, FCC, Energy Star Listed
    Connection COPP1.6J
    Enclosure Rating NEMA Enclosure Type4
    Residential AC EV Charger G1 (4)ud6

    EV Charging Station Pedestal G2

    Dimension- inch 5FT/7FT
    Charging Stations Mount up to 2 charging stations
    Installation Ground-based
    Color Black/White
    Other Built-in Retractor