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    Transformation and upgrading

    2024-03-07 13:38:33

    TOPSTAR is fully committed to entering the new energy field.

    The report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China clearly proposes to actively and steadily promote carbon peak and carbon neutrality. Realizing carbon peak and carbon neutrality is a major mission assigned to the industrial sector in the new development stage. In recent years, as one of the top ten energy-saving pioneer enterprises and comprehensive manufacturing service providers, TOPSTAR has always adhered to the high-quality development path of green and low-carbon, practiced the new development concept, and become a backbone force in promoting the application of new energy technology.

    Transformation and upgrading (1)k4k

    TOPSTAR takes green and healthy lighting products as its main focus, focuses on lighting product manufacturing, explores diversified development, actively lays out and extends the industrial chain, enters new fields in the lighting sub industry, and expands into the new energy industry.

    Transformation and upgrading (2)ebt

    Based on green and sustainable development, TOPSTAR regards new energy business as the "new track" of development. It has established a 6000 square meter charging pile production workshop and advanced automated production lines and equipment configuration to help continuously increase production capacity. Scientific production process flow, strict production quality control system, layer by layer control of energy conservation and safety, ensuring product quality.

    In June 2023, TOPSTAR made its debut at the 2023 Munich International Battery Energy Storage and Smart Energy Expo with new energy products. Based on providing users with safe, reliable, and cost-effective new energy solutions, TOPSTAR received unanimous praise from exhibitors and customers, and achieved remarkable results.

    Transformation and upgrading4po

    Intelligent electric vehicle charging station

    Green and low-carbon

    Intelligent electric vehicle charging stations are divided into two types: household and commercial. They have a simple and lightweight design, are suitable for multiple scenarios, are easy to install, and are plug and charge; Equipped with dust-proof and rainproof design, the overall protection can reach IP65 and IK10, and also has functions such as over temperature protection and leakage protection. Some charging stations can also support Bluetooth, WiFi connection, and APP remote control; On the interface, American standard, European standard, and national standard charging plugs are adopted for different market demands, suitable for various types of charging port models.

    Battery energy storage system

    Energy conservation and environmental protection

    The battery energy storage system, due to its minimal design, combines the characteristics of easy installation and is suitable for household integrated light storage and charging systems. It has floor to ceiling and wall mounted installation options, built-in battery safety protection technology, high energy efficiency density design, and IP65 waterproof rating; Simultaneously compatible with multiple inverter models, supporting high-power output of battery pack units (100A/5KW under specified conditions), suitable for power outages and emergency situations.

    TOPSTAR will adhere to the new requirements of green and sustainable development, adhere to the high-quality development path of green and low-carbon, accelerate the construction of energy-saving and consumption reduction in urban road lighting, actively promote the development of urban lighting into the photovoltaic industry, broaden the application scenarios of new energy, and continuously contribute to the national "dual carbon" goals.