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    Innovation Leading, Illuminating the World

    2024-03-07 14:13:39

    TOPSTAR Shines with New Energy and Intelligent Products at the 2024 Frankfurt Lighting Exhibition

    On March 3, 2024, the Frankfurt International Lighting and Building Electrical Exhibition (Light+Building 2024) with the theme of "Simplicity, Creativity, and Personality" kicked off as scheduled at the Frankfurt Exhibition Center in Germany. As many as 655 Chinese companies (including Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan) participated in this exhibition, setting a new historical high, accounting for about 30% of the total number of exhibitors. As one of the leading enterprises in China's lighting industry, TOPSTAR Company has made a strong debut at this exhibition with newly developed new energy products and intelligent night light product lines, attracting the attention of visitors from all over the world.

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    On the intelligent night light product line at this exhibition, TOPSTAR Company has launched diversified products covering multiple application scenarios such as home, hotel, and office. These night light products incorporate features such as WIFI and the latest Matter technology, achieving precise control of light quality, color temperature, and brightness. In the on-site demonstration, visitors stopped one after another to personally experience its convenient operation method and control scheme application effect, and praise was endless.

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    At the same time, the new energy products showcased at this exhibition cover multiple products, from DC fast charging station,smart home charging stations to commercial charging facilities, plug and play charging technology, portable on-board charging solutions, and more. They not only set a new benchmark in environmental protection and energy conservation, but also demonstrate the firm steps of enterprises on the path of sustainable development with their efficient photoelectric conversion efficiency and long-lasting service life. Numerous visitors and buyers flocked to discuss and collaborate on these green and environmentally friendly lighting products, further enhancing TOPSTAR's brand influence in the global new energy market.

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    Through this exhibition, TOPSTAR Company successfully demonstrated its cutting-edge achievements in the fields of intelligent lighting and new energy, effectively enhancing its brand image and laying a solid foundation for expanding into international markets. In the future, the company will continue to devote itself to technological innovation and product research and development to meet the needs of global users for high-quality, intelligent, and green low-carbon lighting solutions, injecting stronger impetus into the sustainable development of the lighting industry.

    The electric vehicle charging stations unveiled at this exhibition are as follows:

    DC fast charging station, smart home charging stations, to commercial charging facilities, plug and play charging technology, portable on-board charging solutions
    Commercial charging station with display screen for Europe (3)sea Innovation Leading, Illuminating the Worl (3)34e Innovation Leading, Illuminating the Worl (2)8e6Innovation Leading, Illuminating the Worl (2)8e6Innovation Leading, Illuminating the Worl (3)34eInnovation Leading, Illuminating the Worl (2)8e6