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    Focusing on Hong Kong, Shining with Brilliance

    2024-04-11 11:33:22

    TOPSTAR Brings Intelligent Products and New Energy Products to Shine on the Stage of the 2024 Hong Kong Spring Lighting Exhibition

    On April 6, 2024, at the highly anticipated annual event in the global lighting industry - the Hong Kong Spring Lighting Exhibition, Xiamen TOPSTAR Lighting Co., Ltd. once again made an exciting appearance. This time, not only brought indoor and outdoor decorative lighting fixtures with natural elements, but also showcased TOPSTAR's advanced charging pile products developed in the new energy field. With the concept of technological innovation and green transformation, it brought a unique product and technology exhibition to exhibitors and customers.

    At this exhibition, TOPSTAR showcased a series of unique natural element ceiling and wall lamp products, showcasing environmental integration and artistic lighting effects, night lamp series products that can create diverse decorative scenes, high-quality and long-lasting outdoor lighting fixtures, home wall lamps, and commercial lighting fixtures.

    In terms of intelligent products, TOPSTAR has further deepened the application and expansion of the Matter protocol, integrating it into a wider product line, including but not limited to the lighting product series, demonstrating strong compatibility and broad market adaptability. It has won widespread recognition and high praise from exhibitors and customers in regions such as North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

    Focusing on Hong Kong, Shining with Brilliance (1)tma

    At the same time, TOPSTAR's products in the new energy exhibition area are also eye-catching. The new charging station that has been unveiled this time has attracted many exhibitors to stop and exchange ideas with its excellent charging efficiency and safety performance. TOPSTAR's transformation strategy in the new energy field not only responds to the national call for carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals, but also an important measure to actively adapt to market trends and grasp future development directions. This innovative achievement further enriches TOPSTAR's product line.

    Focusing on Hong Kong, Shining with Brilliance (2)zny

    During the exhibition, members of the TOPSTAR team showcased the exhibited products comprehensively through on-site demonstrations, communication, and interaction, attracting the attention of buyers, agents, and partners from all over the world, laying a solid foundation for TOPSTAR to further expand its international market in intelligent lighting and new energy solutions.

    With the help of the international stage of the Hong Kong Spring Lighting Exhibition, TOPSTAR has successfully conveyed the company's green, intelligent, and innovative brand image to the world. In the future, TOPSTAR will continue to practice social responsibility, deepen technological innovation, and be committed to providing global users with smarter and greener high-quality products and services, contributing to the prosperity and development of the intelligent and new energy industries.

    The electric vehicle charging stations unveiled at this exhibition are as follows:

    Innovation Leading, Illuminating the Worl (2)8e6 Innovation Leading, Illuminating the Worl (2)8e6Innovation Leading, Illuminating the Worl (3)34eInnovation Leading, Illuminating the Worl (2)8e6 Commercial charging station with display screen for Europe (3)sea