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    2023 Hong Kong Autumn Lighting Exhibition

    2024-03-07 14:07:07

    TOPSTAR invites you to join us in showcasing famous lights! 

    On October 27-30, 2023, the 2023 Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Exhibition, one of the largest lighting and lighting exhibitions in Asia, was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. More than 3000 exhibitors gathered here, competing to capture the latest industry information and business opportunities.

    2023 Hong Kong Autumn Lighting Exhibition  (1)eu2

    As a benchmark enterprise in the lighting industry, TOPSTAR Company focuses on showcasing charging stations and lighting products in the North American and European markets. The North American market has launched various new household lighting products, such as modern wind three leaf and five leaf fan lights, fashionable and minimalist front mirror lights, intelligent monitoring security lights, and high luminous efficiency and long lifespan outdoor industrial and commercial lighting products; The European market has launched new home lighting products such as A-grade bulb and A-grade filament lamps with the highest energy efficiency level, integrated cylindrical lamps, and economical UFO industrial lighting products.

    2023 Hong Kong Autumn Lighting Exhibition 57o

    In addition, the Matter products exhibited this time will achieve unified interconnection between devices, bringing users a more intelligent and convenient home experience.

    2023 Hong Kong Autumn Lighting Exhibition  (2)rni

    This exhibition also showcased electric vehicle charging pile products in the field of new energy. We have focused on launching charging stations with LCD screens. It has a wide range of application scenarios and APP control. Its innovative appearance and color have received full attention from exhibition customers.

    Our independently developed intelligent products and new energy products, with leading solutions in digitalization and intelligence, meet the diverse needs of domestic and foreign customers, attracting a large number of visitors from home and abroad to stop and have in-depth exchanges.

    During the exhibition, exhibitors can have a more intuitive understanding of the industry and product development trends by discussing products with on-site customers, familiarizing themselves with various aspects of the main competitive products, and providing clearer directions for future enterprise research and development of new products.

    The electric vehicle charging stations unveiled at this exhibition are as follows:

    charging stations with LCD screens.
    Innovation Leading, Illuminating the Worl (2)8e6Commercial charging station with display screen for Europe (3)sea Innovation Leading, Illuminating the Worl (2)8e6Innovation Leading, Illuminating the Worl (2)8e6Innovation Leading, Illuminating the Worl (3)34e