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    NA Commercial AC EV Charger G2.5 with LCD display

    Commercial AC ( UP TO 48A, 11suq

    Featuring a sleek and user-friendly LCD screen, this charging station offers a seamless human-computer interaction, allowing users to easily monitor and control the charging process. With a maximum current of 80A and a power output of 19.2kw, this charging station delivers fast and powerful charging capabilities, ensuring that your electric vehicle is ready to hit the road in no time.

    • Input Voltage: Single phase: 208-240VAC ~60Hz
    • Output Rating: 32A/7.6kW,40A/9.6kW,48A/11.5kW, 80A/19.2kW
    • Certification: ETL, FCC, Energy Star Listed
    • LED display: 4.3" LCD display
    • Standards: OCPP1.6J, ISO15118, CTEP compliance
    • Enclosure Rating: NEMA Enclosure Type4


    Introducing our latest innovation in electric vehicle charging technology - the LCD commercial EV charger. This cutting-edge charging station is designed to meet the growing demands of electric vehicle owners, offering a range of advanced features and capabilities to provide a seamless and efficient charging experience.

    With output ratings ranging from 32A to 80A, the LCD commercial EV charger delivers impressive power levels of 7.6kW to 19.2kW, ensuring fast and reliable charging for a wide range of electric vehicles. Its versatile network options, including OCPP1.6J, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, RFID, and 4G connectivity (optional), enable seamless integration with various charging management systems and provide users with convenient access and control.

    Equipped with a 4.3-inch LCD display, the LCD commercial EV charger offers intuitive and user-friendly operation, allowing users to monitor the charging process, access relevant information, and make adjustments with ease. The output connector options include the standard SAE J1772 or NACS (Tesla), catering to different vehicle models and ensuring compatibility across various platforms.

    Compliance with industry standards such as NEC625, UL2231, UL2594, OCPP1.6J, ISO15118, and CTEP, as well as certifications including ETL, FCC, and Energy Star, underscores the reliability and safety of the LCD commercial EV charger. Additionally, it comes with a 2-year warranty, providing customers with peace of mind and assurance of quality.

    For added functionality, the LCD commercial EV charger offers optional features such as power balance energy management system and customizable shell colors, allowing for tailored solutions to meet specific needs and preferences.

    Whether for commercial or residential use, the LCD commercial EV charger sets a new standard in electric vehicle charging, combining advanced technology, reliability, and user-centric design to deliver a superior charging solution for the future of transportation. Experience the next level of electric vehicle charging with the LCD commercial EV charger.

    Parameter Information

    Electrical Characteristics

    32A Max

    40A Max

    48A Max

    80A Max

    Single phase: 208-240VAC ~60Hz

    7.6kW at 240 VAC

    9.6kW at 240 VAC

    11.5kW at 240VAC

    19.2kW at


    Input Cord


    Output Cable & Connector 18FT/5.5 m cable (25FT/7.5m optional)
    SAE J1772,NACS standard compliance

    Environmental Parameter

    NEMA Enclosure Type4: Weatherproof,dust-tight
    IK08:Resistant polycarbonate case
    Operating Temperature: -22°F to 122°F (-30°C to 50°C )
    Dimensions Main enclosure:12.8in x9.7in x 3.8in (326mm x247m x 97mm)
    Standards NEC625,UL2231,UL2594,OCPP1.6J,ISO15118,CTEP compliance
    Certification ETL,FCC,Energy Star compliance
    Optional 4G,Power balance EMS,Color customization
    Warranty 2 years limited product warranty


    OTA Remote Firmware Updates

    4.3" LCD Screen

    OCPP1.6J Fully Compliance

    Enclosure  Rating:NEMA Enclosure Type 4


    Commercial Area

    Public Parking Garage

    Residential Area

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