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    DLB(Dynamic load balancing)BOX

    We have developed a household dynamic load balancing control box to intelligently control the charging current of household charging piles. There is no need to upgrade the power supply capacity, ensuring that the home does not experience circuit tripping due to overload. Effectively utilize remaining electricity to meet the charging needs of electric vehicles and ensure safe and efficient use of electricity.

    • Input Voltage (Single phase): 208-240V / 60Hz
    • Input Current: MAX 0.5A
    • Dynamic Load Balancing: MAX 3PCS
    • Network Connectivity: Wi-Fi+433
    • Protection Level: IP20/IK08


    Our latest home energy management innovation - the Dynamic Load Balancing (DLB) system. This cutting-edge technology is designed to revolutionize the way you manage and optimize your home’s energy consumption, giving you a seamless and efficient solution for all your electricity needs.

    The DLB system is compact and easy to install, making your family worry-free. Its compact design allows it to be easily integrated into your existing electrical infrastructure for a quick and easy set-up process. This means you can start enjoying the benefits of a DLB system immediately without having to go through a complicated installation process.

    One of the outstanding features of the DLB system is the ability to transmit data via 433MHz modules. This advanced communication technology ensures reliable and secure data transmission, enabling seamless integration with other smart home devices and systems. With a DLB system, you can rest assured knowing your energy management is safe and secure.

    In addition to advanced features, DLB systems are also affordable and can help you save on power upgrade costs. By intelligently controlling home charging current, DLB systems ensure safe and efficient energy usage, ultimately saving you money on your electricity bill. With a DLB system, you can enjoy the benefits of smart energy management without spending a lot of money.

    Whether you want to optimize your home’s energy consumption, reduce your energy bills, or simply improve your home’s energy efficiency, a DLB system is the perfect solution for all your energy management needs. With advanced features, ease of installation and cost savings, DLB systems are a must-have for any modern home. Experience the future of home energy management with DLB Systems and control your energy usage like never before.

    Parameter Information

    Model No. DLB-01
    Input Voltage (Single phase) 208-240V / 60Hz
    Input Current MAX 0.5A
    power Max 2W
    Network Connectivity Wi-Fi+433
    Dynamic Load Balancing MAX 3PCS
    Current-Transformer measuring range Max 100A
    Transmission distance Max 100m
    Dimensions (H x W x D) 4.33 x2.95x1.46inch(110mmx75mmx37mm)
    Weight (kg) 0.15
    IP Protection IP20
    shock Resistant IK8
    Operating Temperature -22 to 122 °F
    Humidity Max 85%
    Safety UL60950-1
    Status  Display LED indicator display


    Small and easy to install

    Transmit data through 433MHz module.

    Economical, saving power upgrade costs.

    Intelligent control of home charging current for safe and efficient.

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