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    Commercial AC charging station with display screen for Europe

    Commercial AC charging station with display screen for Europehgw

    This charging station has an exquisite appearance.One of the standout features of charging station is its flexible color options.

    Whether wall-mounted or floor-standing, the charging station is easy to install and suitable for a variety of settings.

    • Input Voltage: Single phase: 230VAC 50-60Hz
    • Input Voltage: Three phase: 3×230VAC 50-60Hz
    • Output Rating: Single phase: 16A/3.7kW, 32A/7.4kW
    • Output Rating: Three Phase: 16A/11kW, 32A/22kW
    • Certification: CE,UKCA,SAA Listed
    • LCD Display: 4.3” screen


    Introducing our latest innovation in electric vehicle charging technology - commercial charging station. With its sophisticated appearance and stylish design, commercial charging station is not only a fully functional charging station but also a stylish addition to any environment. The 4.3-inch LCD screen enables better human-computer interaction and provides users with a seamless and intuitive charging experience.

    One of the standout features of commercial charging station is its flexible color options, allowing you to choose the perfect finish to complement your space. Whether wall-mounted or floor-standing, commercial charging station is easy to install and suitable for a variety of settings.

    In addition to being beautiful, commercial charging station is also equipped with smart control features, including wireless communication via WiFi, 4G and Bluetooth. This allows charging stations to be conveniently and remotely monitored and managed, giving users peace of mind and control over their charging infrastructure.

    In addition, commercial charging station is designed with safety and security in mind, utilizing the OCPP protocol to ensure safe and reliable communication between charging stations and electric vehicles. This protocol not only protects the charging process but also prevents unauthorized access and use.

    Whether for commercial or residential use, commercial charging station is a cutting-edge solution for electric vehicle charging, offering a seamless blend of functionality, style and advanced technology. Experience the future of electric vehicle charging with commercial charging station.

    Parameter Information

    Electrical Characteristics 16A Max 32A Max 16A Max 32A Max
    Single phase input: 230VAC 50-60 Hz Three phase input: 3×230VAC 50-60 Hz
    3.7kW at 230 VAC 7.4kW at 230 VAC 11kW at 3×230VAC 22kW at 3×230VAC
    Input Cord Hardwired
    Output Cable & Connector 16.4FT/5.0m cable (26.2FT/8.0m optional)
    IEC62196-2 standard compliance
    Environmental Parameter Protection Class IP65: Weatherproof,dust-tight
    IK08:Resistant polycarbonate case
    Operating Temperature: -22°F to 122°F (-30°C to 50°C )
    Dimension Main enclosure:12.8in x9.7in x 3.8in (326mm x247m x 97mm)
    Standards IEC61851-1,IEC61851-21-2,IEC62196-1,OCPP1.6J compliance
    Certification CE,UKCA,SAA Listed
    Optional 4G Module,Socket,Power balance EMS,Color customization
    Warranty 2 years limited product warranty


    OTA Remote Firmware Updates

    OCPP1.6J Fully Compliance

    4.3 "LCD display


    Commerical Area

    Public Parking Garage

    Residential Area


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